We all lead busy lives and sometimes we need to stand back, take a breath and get some space from the stresses of life. As a busy working mum I found myself needing a way to relax, live in the present moment and juggle life’s priorities more effectively. My journey with yoga and mindfulness started around four years ago now.

I’m truly passionate about the practice of yoga and I can’t imagine living without it now. This is why I’ve started a blog – to share my insights with others about how yoga can become a way of life to help manage everyday challenges. It’s also why I started my new business…

Introducing Infinity Yoga Clothing!
I’ve been so inspired by yoga practice, fitness and healthy living that I launched my own activewear company in Autumn 2017, called Infinity Yoga Clothing. The IYC brand has been born out of my love of yoga and its whole ethos is centred on the fundamentals of the practice. The logo itself depicts the figure of 8, representing the eight limbs that form the framework of yoga.

The eight limbs of yoga
The eight limbs depict a moral and ethical way of living life as a yogi, each relating to a different aspect of achieving a healthy and fulfilled life. They are also good guiding principles off the mat too. Each limb builds on the one before, outlining the path for the aspiring yogi to follow:

1. Yamas: right action – principles

The Yamas are restraints and refer to how we relate to others as well as highlighting that our actions off the mat are just as important as on the mat. There are five Yamas: Ahimsa (no violence), Satya (truthfulness), Asteya (no stealing), Bramacharya (to live in higher awareness) and Aparigraha (no possessiveness or greed).

2. Niyamas: right practice – observances
The Niyamas are about self-discipline and our relationship with ourselves. The five Niyamas are: Sauca (purity), Santosa (contentment), Tapas (self-discipline), Svadhyaya (self-study) and Isvara Pranidhana (surrender to the divine).

3. Asana: right posture
The body is a temple of spirit for yogis and Asanas are the postures practiced in yoga – this is the most known limb of yoga. The right posture helps yogis achieve concentration and discipline, as well as offering health benefits including core strength, flexibility, detox and a sense of mental and physical balance.

4. Pranayama: mindful breathing
Prana is the vital life force that exists inside us as energy. Pranayama is the breathing technique of yoga which rejuvenates the body, offering a sense of calm, clarity and self-awareness. Pranayama helps us understand the connection between the breath, the mind and our emotions.

5. Pratyahara: sense withdrawal – be still
This is an important stage of preparing for meditation, teaching us to withdraw from the senses and detach from distractions. Pratyahara helps us focus our attention internally and recognise our emotions, cravings and any resistance.

6. Dharana: concentration – mindfulness
This stage is about concentration and dealing with the distractions of the mind itself. The key is to focus on a word, symbol, idea, mantra or object which helps the attention come to a single point of mindfulness.

7. Dhyana: meditation – centering prayer
Extended periods of Dharana will lead to meditation but the Dhyana, seventh stage, is the uninterrupted flow of concentration. Dhyana differs from Dharama as it is ultimately mindfulness without a specific focus.

8. Samadhi: contemplation – divinity
The final limb of yoga is about letting go and being at one with the object of your meditation and surroundings. It can also be described as a state of enlightenment, ecstasy or bliss. This stage can also be described as experiencing a sense of peace, which we would all aspire to.

The eight limbs of yoga don’t need to be followed in order, and sometimes simply practicing some of the steps can be enough. However, now you know about them, this might add a totally new depth to your practice.

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By Tami Heer, founder of Infinity Yoga Clothing