I believe that style should be transferable from the yoga studio to the street – the clothing you wear on the mat should work just as well off the mat too. Yogis should be able to spring effortlessly from yoga class and into the day ahead, without having to worry about what they’re wearing! Sometimes that’s easier said than done, though, with so many different options out there in varying styles, colours and quality.

With that in mind, here are my top tips on what to look for in your yoga clothing to feel ultra-confident and super comfortable during your practice and life beyond…  

  • Flexible in more ways than one

Flexibility has multiple meanings when it comes to yoga styling. Firstly, for wearing on the mat, you want to choose clothing that lifts, shapes and provides the right amount support for your work out. For off the mat, your clothing also needs to fit effortlessly into your everyday lifestyle. Look for simple yet stylish pieces and you’ll be able to wear them anywhere, with anything!

  • Don’t compromise on quality

For clothing that transfers from the studio to the street, look for material which is durable and weather-resistant so it’ll work as both indoor and outdoor apparel. You want to find pieces that are made of materials like nylon and spandex, that are designed specifically for use on and off the mat. These quality pieces will be long-lasting and stand the test of time, wash after wash.

  • Colour scheme

If you’re new to yoga, you can’t go wrong with buying a few neutral pieces first such as black, white, nude and beige. These are the classic colours that we all need in our wardrobes. Neutrals suit anyone and they can be mixed and matched however you like – and even paired with bright colours if you want to brighten up your day!

  • The right fit

Picking clothing that fits you perfectly does wonders for your confidence and comfort. Make sure your leggings are a snug fit, without being tight or restrictive – you want them to be flattering and move with you on the mat. Your sports bra obviously needs to fit you like a glove and provide maximum support, whilst your top can be looser and floaty.

  • Layer up

It’s all about layers, layers, layers! If you’re heading straight from your yoga class into the cold, think about what layers you can wear to keep you cosy. You could pair your yoga top with a long sleeve knit or cardigan, or, if you’re not going anywhere fancy, a hooded jumper and bomber jacket would do! Change from your trainers into some ballet pumps and you’re good to go.

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